Wyrme 3

A kind of Wyrmes, the Blue Mistwyrme.


Wyrmes where a kind of dragons, with it's own underspieces. The wyrmes where very intelligent creatures, and are very ellegant.

Underspieces of WyrmesEdit

There are 15 kind of underspieces of the Wyrme. These where (alphabetic):

- Bearded Rockwyrme

- Black-Striped Spikeback Wyrme

- Blue Mistwyrme

- Common Pitchwyrme

- Common Squabwyrme 

- Copperwyrme

- Crimson-Ruffed Mantiswyrme

- Emerald Tackwyrme

- Great Crested Carrionwyrme

- Great Crested Shovel-Snout

- Green-Grey Lesser Lakewyrme

- Ring-Tailed Manderwyrme

- Skitterwyrme

- Skoop-Snouted Lanternwyrme

- Tunnelling Squabwyrme

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